Interview: Rahul Roy has stopped smoking cigarettes and sweets, said – I am much better than before

The winner of Bigg Boss and the actor of the film ‘Aashiqui’, Rahul Roy fell victim to brain stroke last year. After this, he had to spend a lot of days in the hospital. However, Rahul’s health is improving rapidly and looks much better than before. Rahul has spoken openly in the exclusive interview given to our colleague, ETimes.

Rahul Roy said in this interview, ‘I am good and feel better now. I think it will be completely cured in the next 2-3 months. Rahul’s sister Priyanka is taking care of him at this time. When asked what Rahul is eating, he said, ‘Rahul is being kept away from eating non-vegetarian food. Although he can eat some salmon fish, but no chicken at all. They are currently being given plenty of salad and fiber. Even Rahul is forbidden to eat sweets. ‘
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Rahul Roy used to smoke a lot earlier, though now he has left it completely. Priyanka told that Rahul used to finish one packet of cigarettes and sometimes two packets in a day. However, now he is changing all his old habits. See, full interview of Rahul Roy and Priyanka:

On his return to films, Rahul Roy said, ‘Absolutely, I want to return to films. I have done a film whereby I can change the image of my romantic hero and will be seen in a new avatar. I finished shooting before December. However, Rahul refused to give too much information about this film. Now it has to be seen how soon Rahul returns to normal life.
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