Investigation into the mysterious crash of a Chinese satellite

STORY – The US Space Force suspects the launch of a Russian spy satellite caused a collision causing new space debris in orbit. A scenario too good to be true, according to some experts.

It all started on March 22, 2021 when the US Space Force announced that a Chinese satellite, Yunhai 1-02, had suddenly fragmented in orbit a few days earlier. The accident dispersed at least a few dozen new debris, on top of all that already polluting Earth’s orbit. But what really happened? The investigation is necessarily difficult because the event took place at an altitude of 800 km, above the Arctic and out of range of American, Chinese, Russian or European surveillance radars. On the other hand, Beijing did not comment on the incident that hit its meteorological and oceanographic satellite.

For specialists interviewed by the Figaro, two scenarios are possible. This is either a collision with space debris or the explosion of an internal element of the satellite (a fuel tank or a battery). It is for example this second scenario which is privileged for the old American meteorological satellite NOAA-17,

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