Irfan Khan wanted to fast for ‘God Shiva’, the family was stunned to hear the wish

Irrfan Khan belonged to a Muslim family in Rajasthan. His wife Sutapa Sikdar is from a Hindu family. Sutapa herself states that once Irfan surprised the whole family by saying that he would observe a fast on Monday, because it is the day of Lord Shiva. According to Sutapa, Irfan was very desperate to fast in the last two years of his life. It is a different matter that he could not stay hungry and therefore could never fast.

Irfan was open about religion

In the interview given to our colleague ‘ETimes’, Sutapa has mentioned the incident. Speaking on the occasion of Irrfan Khan’s death anniversary, Sutapa says that Irrfan was very open about religion. Sutapa herself fasts in the Pak month of Ramadan. She tells how Irfan once explained to her that one does not have to be a Muslim to keep a fast.

Irfan could not stay hungry, used to say – I will keep fast

Sutapa explains that Irfan could not stay hungry. He never fasted or fasted. But in the last years of his life, Irfan’s talk stunned the whole family. All the family were surprised to hear the actor. Sutapa says that in the last two years, Irrfan was very desperate to keep the fast. He used to say, ‘One day in a week I will keep fasting. I have thought that I will fast on Monday, it is Shiv Ji’s day.

‘Had I been alive, I would have gone on the path of spirituality’

Sutapa says, ‘At that time there were many of our family members there. Everyone was stunned to hear Irrfan. If he were alive today, he might have formed a religion of his own. For him, religion meant spirituality. If nothing happens, there is no cancer, then he would surely have done something like this. He would leave the film world and go out in search of himself.

‘He was on his own journey’

Sutapa adds, ‘He was on his own journey. Seeking Himself, a big world, a different big world parallel to this world. He used to read a lot. He was deeply interested in spirituality. ‘ Sutapa, explaining Irfan’s thinking, says, ‘How do I say it, there is a traveler in the world, he was like that.’

Knowledge of Upanishads in last two years

Sutapa told that Irfan took knowledge of the Upanishads in the last two years of his life. He read Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, read Vivekananda. Irfan has never been very religious. He used to read Osho and Mahavira a lot.

Irfan did not accept any kind of discrimination

Sutapa was with Irrfan since the days of the National School of Drama. At the same time, both of them fell in love with the campus. Sutapa became a writer and made her way into TV and then films through Irrfan Theaters. Sutapa says that Irrfan never believed in woman-man, religion or any such tag.

Irfan belongs to the royal family

Very few people know about Irfan that he belongs to the Irrfan Khan Royal Family. His mother Saeeda Begum was from Tonk district and father Yasin Ali Khan was a tire business. Irfan himself told in an interview that his mother was from the royal princes family of Tonk. In this way he was born as Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan. But he neither liked royalty, nor did he want to be bound in the bond of religion. Hence he removed ‘Sahabzade’ from his name.


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