Is a zero Covid strategy possible in France?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – More and more scientists want to completely prevent the circulation of the coronavirus, such as certain countries in Asia or Oceania. But is this possible for European countries?

THE QUESTION. If vaccines are a real cause for hope to get out of this pandemic, the light at the end of the tunnel is still far away. Rather than living with the virus, as was the government’s leitmotif after the first lockdown, more and more voices are being raised to aim for a zero Covid strategy, comparable to that carried out successfully in New Zealand or in Taiwan.

In a call published on December 18 in the journal The Lancet , European scientists think so and call for coordinated action by EU countries to try to find an equivalent model for the Old Continent. Le Figaro moreover devoted a page to it in its edition of February 11. Since then several scientists have published an opinion piece in the journal The world: “Aiming for the zero Covid objective is a clear way to get through the pandemic while minimizing the damage”. But would such a strategy be possible in France?

THE ANSWER. Some countries have succeeded and without necessarily going through strict confinements », Answers Antoine Flahault, professor of public health at the University of Geneva, director of the Institute of global health and signatory of the forum in the World. All these countries have at least three points in common: they very early on established

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