Is deconfinement faster in France than in other countries?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Worried, doctors believe that the lifting of health measures is hasty. What if we compare the hexagon with its neighbors?

THE QUESTION. The French know the timetable for their gradual deconfinement which took a first step on May 3 with the abandonment in particular of the 10 km barrier and the partial reopening of middle and high schools. Further reductions will follow during new stages set for May 19, June 9 and June 30.

Worried about a resumption of the epidemic, doctors felt that this deconfinement was too fast. “It’s very early“, Declared on RTL the Pr Gilles Pialoux, evoking the next deadline of May 19. Internet users have also noticed that the United Kingdom is also gradually deconfining itself but in a much better health situation while Germany has recently strengthened its health measures. What about when we compare France to its neighbors? Does the hexagon deconfine faster?

CHECKS. And let’s start by recalling the situation

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