Is it possible to get rid of gas and bloating?

OUR HEALTH ADVICE – Flatulence, tense stomach: these widespread signs of digestive discomfort can be improved with dietary measures.

Shameful, the flatulence? Although our body’s production of gas is inherent in its proper functioning, this aspect of our physiology is rarely seriously discussed. Digestive discomfort is however a frequent reason for consultation with the general practitioner and in gastroenterology.

No one escapes intestinal gas: according to a study carried out by a team of researchers in three countries (United States, United Kingdom and Mexico) with some 6,000 volunteers, 4 in 10 participants had felt, in the last 24 hours, bloating; Ditto for abdominal distension (when the waist size increases significantly). The proportion was even greater for difficulty evacuating gas (5 out of 10 respondents), burping (6 out of 10) and farting (8 out of 10).

But when are the “winds” excessive? “This is a question that is difficult to answer, there is no set standard”, note the Pr François Mion, chef

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