Is it right or wrong to exercise on an empty stomach, know what the research says

It is said that the army cannot march on an empty stomach. Is the same thing applicable to working out or players as well. Professionally it is said that food should be stopped long before any kind of work out. Usually morning workout is not more than an hour. For this the body needs energy. This energy comes from glycogen in the body. This glycogen comes from glucose that is stored in the muscles and liver of the body. When someone works out, the body uses this energy. That is, the energy already present in the body is necessary for workouts.

morning workout assessment
Researchers from Northumbria University did a research in this regard. They found out whether those who worked out during the day on an empty stomach at night are motivated to eat more during the day. Apart from this, it was also investigated in the research that how much total fat was reduced by doing this. For this 12 people were included in the research. All of them were asked to run on the treadmill at 10 o’clock during the day. Half of these people were given breakfast before work out, while half were given work out without breakfast. After the exercise, everyone was given chocolate, milk shake and recovery drink. After this, as much food as could be eaten was served. How much fat was taken, how much energy was taken and at what time did the lunch, it was assessed in the research.

More benefits of exercising on an empty stomach
The results of the research showed that all the people did the exercise correctly. For exercise, he used the energy already stored in the body and not immediately taken from the food that he had eaten. The research also found that those who exercised in the morning did not consume any extra energy, nor did they feel more hungry. The most important results of the research were that those who fasted before exercise, they burned 20 percent more fat. This means that exercising on an empty stomach is more beneficial and more fat can be reduced by this.

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