Is Neha Pendse also leaving ‘Bhabiji is at home!’ Show? The new ‘Anita Bhabhi’ said this

Popular sitcom ‘Bhabiji is at home!’ (Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!) Actress Neha Pendse entered the role of New Anita Bhabhi (Nehha Pendse as new Anita Bhabhi) a few months back. Now the news is coming that he has left this show (Nehha Pendse on quitting Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!). Neha Pendse ‘Bhabiji is at home!’ I can’t even see it.

She spoke on the news of leaving the show

Neha Pendse, in a conversation with our colleague etimes, talked about these rumors and said, ‘I am not surprised that there are reports of me leaving the show as I was not seen in the last few episodes. Those were old episodes of which I was not a part. When those episodes were telecast, many people messaged me saying that they were missing me onscreen. Then I had to convince them that I would come back soon. I am still a part of the show and am happy with my role. ‘

Shooting will be done in bio bubble in Surat

Let me tell you that ‘Bhabiji is at home!’ The film will be shot in Surat in Gujarat. Shooting there will be done by creating a bio bubble. The cast of the show i.e. Asif Sheikh, Neha Pendse and Shubhangi Atre and others will soon go to Gujarat.

Neha Pendse is afraid for this reason

Neha Pendse is excited about the shoot in the bio bubble between Kovid, but there is also fear about safety in mind. He says shooting in the midst of this epidemic is not easy. However, he is confident that the makers should have taken special care of the safety of the entire team and made all the arrangements.

Saumya Tandon was ‘Anita Bhabhi’, Neha replaced

Let me tell you that Neha Pendse started ‘Bhabiji at home!’ I have entered the role of new Anita Bhabhi. Before that, this role was playing actress Soumya Tandon. He said ‘Bhabiji is at home!’ In August 2020. Had said goodbye to the show. Soumya Tandon was playing the role of Anita Bhabhi in the show for 5 years. She had told that as an actor she wanted to do more challenging roles and hence quitted the show. (Instagram @ saumyas_world_)


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