Is our brain anti-green?

PSYCHOLOGY – Is our brain a machine for grinding green, spontaneously neglecting the ecological impacts of its choices? In part … But to change it is far from an impossible task.

For our ancestors, survival was first and foremost a question of access to water and food. Today, it’s hard not to be tempted by filling our cart with unnecessary things, turning up the heating rather than putting on a sweater, dreaming of vacations at the end of the world … Would our brain be naturally anti-green? ? “For him, one of yours is better than two you will have, explains Anne-Laure Nouvion, doctor of biology, trainer in neurosciences and scientific consultant of human behavior within the Univers-Cité de la Transition Écologique (UTE). Guided by the reward circuit, he readily chooses immediate pleasure, especially since he does not like to change his habits too much and it is difficult for him to project himself in twenty years.

However, our brain cannot be reduced to a consuming machine: “As he is also afraid of social rejection, he tends to behave like everyone else», Continues Anne-Laure Nouvion. And especially, “Other sources of …

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