Is ozone therapy helpful in the fight against COVID-19?

Ozone Therapy: The cases of corona infection have decreased unexpectedly, but this does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to the danger. With the festive season approaching, it has become imperative to be careful and take precautionary measures to avoid the virus, even with vaccinations as no one wants to face the reality of a second wave. Research is ongoing around the world on how to fight against COVID-19, and alternative therapies are becoming the solution of choice, although more research needs to be done, but ozone therapy has emerged as a favorable proposition in combating this infection. Used to be.

What is ozone therapy?
According to him, ozone therapy improves flow, reduces infection and pain, helps in rapid relief.” He further adds that oxygen therapy is the foundation towards energizing and connecting the body by mixing fresh oxygen with ozone. Let us tell you that oxygen therapy is also called ozone therapy. Ozone therapy is a drug-free complementary therapy that helps in these conditions. As the name suggests, this therapy is a combination of oxygen and ozone in the body. This essentially boosts your immunity, which in turn helps fight against COVID-19.

According to clinical trials in mid-2020, ozone therapy showed a 77 percent recovery rate within five days, and by the eighth day, all patients in the ozone therapy group were cured. Ozone therapy has a major impact in controlling the infection as the patient suffers from various conditions like headache, lung infection, body pain and breathlessness. Milli Shah, President of the Ozone Forum of India, claims, “We have done ozone therapy for 700 patients in Pune and Mumbai.” Ozone therapy improves flow, reduces infection and pain, helps in rapid relief.

How is this helpful?

We all know what the after-effects of Kovid-19 are like. Some patients complain of health issues, having to deal with the infection months after recovery. Weakness and fatigue are the most common symptoms seen during this time. These symptoms are solved with ozone therapy, so that you can gain strength and find relief.

Ozone therapy is also called oxygen therapy. It helps in increasing the immunity of patients, and at the same time regenerates the antioxidants inside their body. Apart from COVID-19, it also works as an adjunctive treatment for ulcers, incisional wound infections, viral and bacterial infections as well as skin conditions such as itching, infections.

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