Is senior back pain inevitable?

DECRYPTION – Back pain often gets worse as you get older. But it is not inevitable!

This article is from Figaro Health, “End back pain”

Le Figaro

Polls tell us that 90% of French people claim to have suffered from back pain one day. Older people, in particular, complain about it. Each passing day demands efforts on our backs: we bow 1,500 to 2,000 times daily, and 35% of our postures are said to be unsuitable. In seniors, persistent back pain too often leads to impaired sleep, difficulty, or even an inability to carry out everyday tasks such as cleaning, cooking, shopping … There is a risk of loss autonomy. So what to do? While it is impossible to escape aging, suffering is not necessarily inevitable. There are preventive and curative behaviors to prevent and relieve back pain.

Lifelong traumas, whether physical or mental, added to the wear and tear of discs and joints, as well as the loss of elasticity of the muscles

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