Is the gifted brain different?

PSYCHOLOGY – The brains of people with so-called “high intellectual potential”, or HPI, are no bigger or different from ordinary mortals. But he is more powerful.

Still called “gifted”, “intellectually precocious” or “zebras”, the High Intellectual Potential (HPI) arouse as many fantasies as jealousy. However, despite an intelligence quotient (evaluated using a psychometric test carried out by a psychologist) greater than or equal to 130, their brain size is not greater than average. It doesn’t spark. It doesn’t boil either!

Schematically, the brain of an HPI compared to a normal brain is a bit like two computers with the same software and therefore the same functions, but with a much more powerful computer, with more memory and connected to the fiber for the HPI while the other is a slightly older model connected to adsl», Illustrates Jeanne Siaud-Facchin, clinical psychologist, author of several books on HPI including The gifted child, helping him grow, helping him succeed, Too intelligent to be happy ?(ed. Odile Jacob) and founder of the Cogito’Z centers, specialized…

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