Is the number of forest fires increasing or decreasing in France?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – The south of France is currently experiencing serious forest fires. One might think that they have a tendency to multiply in recent years, but the reality is more complex.

THE QUESTION. Since Monday, nearly 7,000 hectares have burned in the Var department. Another fire broke out in Vaucluse, sweeping away several hundred hectares of vegetation as well. Guest of RTL radio this Wednesday, the mayor of Nice deplored “a drama“. Christian Estrosi initially assumed that “all this is part of the global warming we are facingBefore qualifying. “Watch 2003, [les incendies] were just as important“. Does the number of forest fires in France tend to increase or decrease?

CHECKS – To understand the evolution of fires in France, studies are mainly based on two indicators, the number of declared fires and the area burned in hectares. One might think, with climate change, that fires are more and more numerous, a subject of concern that regularly makes the headlines. But the reality is more complex. The fires depend directly on the conditions

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