Is there pollution inside your house too? In this way you make indoor air clean and healthy

Air pollution has become a matter of great problem and concern for the world. The World Health Organization says that every year about 7 million people are losing their lives due to the damage caused by air pollution. When you are out of the house, your body is at risk of being exposed to many pollutants, allergens, which can harm your health. In such a situation, should one stay indoors to avoid air pollution?

It’s a common misconception that staying indoors can help protect against air pollution. Contrary to belief, if proper attention is not given to the indoor air, it can be as dangerous as the outside air. Air pollution outside the home cannot be improved overnight, but some measures can be taken to make the indoor air pure, clean and safe. Here’s how you can make indoor air quality safe and healthy.

Take care of plants at home House plants add to the beauty of the place and make the ambiance alive. As important as choosing the right plants for the home, it is equally important to take care of them regularly. Plants can be a breeding ground for fungi that can interfere with indoor air quality and put people with allergies at risk. Therefore, keep plants with healthy sources of oxygen. Apart from that, avoid placing them in places like near side tables as they can have direct contact with people.

Keep good ventilation in the house Closed space can cause contaminated air. The pollutants inside are unable to replace the fresh air from outside. So make sure to have good ventilation in your home. Ventilation is also necessary to ensure temperature control. Regardless of the weather, regularly open the windows and doors of your house to let fresh air in.

Clean the rugs and carpets Carpets and rugs are often included as a popular part of home decor. These can make the place comfortable and homely. But with choices comes some responsibilities. So remember to take proper care of fibrous furnishings. Dust mites and other microscopic substances can easily get trapped inside the carpet and can cause problems for people suffering from allergies and respiratory problems. In addition to cleaning carpets and rugs, make a habit of taking regular care of curtains, bedding and sofas.

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