Is whole milk really the overly fatty enemy of our health?

Long criticized, dairy products rich in lipids have interesting nutritional properties if consumed with reason.

At 61 kilocalories per 100 grams, whole milk is twice as rich as skimmed milk for the same calcium content. But should we shun him and his derivatives? Probably not.

“It was believed for a long time that saturated fatty acids, which form 60% of milk fat, were associated with a greater cardiovascular risk due to an increase in LDL cholesterol levels., explains Clair-Yves Boquien, director of the CRNH-Ouest in Nantes, specializing in the study of breast milk. But the research conducted in recent years rather concludes that there is no effect, or even benefits. ” A study conducted in 21 countries on five continents, in which more than 136,000 adults were followed for an average of nine years (Lancet, 2018), thus shows that the consumption of whole dairy products significantly lowers mortality (-14%) and the risk of cardiovascular diseases (-21%), in particular strokes. These works, like others,

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