Is your child used to playing mobile games? Know what is the impact and rescue

In the era of technology, all of us are spending our time in digital world instead of real world. Our brain is overcoming technology and it is ruling our lives. At the same time, we are also ignoring one aspect and not paying attention to how much time our children are spending on gadgets. These days, our children are spending more time playing mobile games.

Effect of mobile games on children

Some games are affecting the minds of children badly. This information can be quite shocking to the parents by quoting an MRI scan. It is learned that the effect of becoming addicted to games is like drug abuse. If children continue to play games on mobile for a long time, then due to this, there is a change in the work and structure of the mind like the addicts. The result of this is reflected in the negative impact on the development, behavior and health of children.

Children become violent- Most video games contain violent content. Due to which the risk of adopting violent methods in more violent video games players increases and becomes aggressive thoughts.

Lack of attention Mobile games destroy the lack of attention. Research has shown that the performance of children who spend more time playing video games is worse due to lack of attention in studies.

Physical problem is- Mobile games can also affect children’s health. Mobile games cause obesity in children and there can be injuries on their hands or palms. Children sit on a chair, bed and on the ground while playing games, due to which the risk of muscle and joint problems such as back, neck and headaches can also increase.

How to protect children from addiction In the digital age, the healthy development of children’s brains is becoming very difficult and the naturals are also facing many challenges. In such a case, what can parents or relatives do? They should strictly monitor their innocent people and do not allow them to play mobile games for long.

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