Is your hair getting weak too? So follow these methods

How to Make Hair StrongEveryone wants long and thick hair, but not everyone has thick hair. There are many people whose hair is getting weak with time. This is also because pollution and wrong eating habits make our hair weak. Even if we do not have good food and drink, there is a lack of protein, blood in our body, which has a direct effect on our hair. Apart from this, the wrong chemical products in the hair also make our hair thin. In such a situation, if we apply some things in our hair or include some things in our diet, then our hair can become strong. Let us know that by applying which things in the hair can strengthen our hair.

use amla juice

It is known to everyone that there is nothing better for hair than Amla. It makes hair thick and thick. For this, apply amla juice by mixing lemon in your hair before taking a bath. Doing this will bring back the shine of your hair.

use onion juice

Onion is also no less than a panacea for hair. Yes, applying onion juice to your hair thrice a week will bring back the luster of your hair. Along with this, your hair will also become thick and thick.

use eggs

Egg is another source of sulphur, so to keep the hair healthy, applying egg mixed with olive oil strengthens the hair. For this, apply this paste in your hair for 20 minutes. Doing this will bring back the shine of your hair.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, please consult a doctor.

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