Is your N95 mask fake? How to identify the real

Coronavirus case in India: To avoid the havoc of Corona, right now we need to wear masks and follow social distancing. Big experts advise us to wear masks to protect against this. But for this it is also important to know which mask is more safe for you. So let us tell you today what type of mask you should use.

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According to experts, you should use N95 mask to protect against corona, but with this it is also to be kept in mind whether you are using real N95 or not. It is being seen that fake masks are being sold in the market in the name of N95. In such a situation, the identity of the real mask should be known.

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How to identify the original N95 mask

  • The N95 mask guarantees 70 percent more protection than other masks.
  • N95 masks are not cheap. It is a bit expensive.
  • N95 consists of about 5-6 layers of non-adhesive cloth and filter cloth. Due to which airborne particles cannot enter in it. With this, it sticks properly to the face.
  • It has a layer of activated carbon which helps in keeping the virus far away from you.
  • It fits perfectly on your face.
  • The fitting of fake masks is loose.
  • Testing and certification code is not recorded on fake masks.
  • Many N95 masks are made from fabrics that are not genuine.
  • NIOSH should be printed on the mask. This indicates that the mask has been accepted by the CDC.
  • The fake mask will not print NIOSH or its spelling will be wrong.
  • While buying the mask, you should check the name of the brand on the CDC index, which will know whether it is approved by NIOSH or not.

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