Is your partner with you or not? Try these five tips

Relationship Tips: A person, for whose sake he comes down to revolt by setting his mind. In every sound, his thought starts coming. The desire to attain it becomes the purpose of life. That’s just love. It is not enough just to want someone from you wholeheartedly, it is necessary that he too gets lost in your thoughts. Although there is no parameter to test love, but by paying attention to some things, you can come to some extent with the reality of your love.

look at yourself
What is his attitude towards you when you are with him? If he puts you on an equal footing then that’s the most important thing of all. From this it is clear that in moments of trouble, he will not shy away. Will always support you.
his thoughts on your things
When he talks to you, does he talk about life too? If yes, then he is serious in the right sense, because flirters often give priority to the things of fun.
justifies the expectations
Does he have intimate co-operation and belonging to you? There is no such thing that he insists on roaming around or roaming alone often. He also scolds for not obeying. Neither you can be happy with this and neither can she.
how much do you trust
Does he trust you or take a quarrel by believing in the things heard. These things may seem normal in appearance and hearing, but are the key to successful life of the whole life.

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