Ise Bosch, the “activist” heiress

Like his siblings, Ise Bosch received as a birth gift in 1964 one million marks. Since the 1990s, the woman who defines herself as bisexual has been using her fortune to defend the rights of LGBT sexual minorities around the world. The heiress of the Bosch empire discovered feminism while studying in the United States. “I came to philanthropy because of my heritage, she explains to us. At the time I was doing strategic philanthropy, funding the creation of institutions. “

Ise Bosch is committed, among others, to the American Astraea foundation, of which she becomes one of the main donors. Back in Germany in 2001, she decided to found her own foundation, Dreilinden, based in Hamburg. Most often, it supports women’s groups, or institutions in southern and eastern European countries that are dedicated to defending the rights of sexual minorities, for example a Christian community in South Africa. “Changing the laws is also part of our work but is not our priority, because it requires more financial means than ours”, adds Ise Bosch.

This professional musician also writes books to explain how “Better to give”. She defines herself as “Activist” or even like “Feminist philanthropist”. “To give is for me a political work, a social commitment”, she notes. The coronavirus pandemic represents a new challenge for its foundation. “I am giving a lot more money than before”, she admits. “LGBT people very often have informal jobs and are heavily affected by the current crisis. This is where we try to intervene. “


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