Isolation: in Europe, the effectiveness of sanctions is far from proven

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In several countries, the isolation of patients and contact cases is a legal obligation. Fines are foreseen in certain cases.

Students at the University of Salamanca (Spain) were quarantined after an increase in new cases of coronavirus on October 20. JMGARCIA / EFE / MAXPPP

“The issue of monitoring isolated people seems to be the one that poses the most difficulties abroad”, noted the Scientific Council last September. On this thorny question, everyone has their strategy, but no European country has found the miracle solution, recalls the government. In Germany or Austria, the isolation of patients and contact cases is a legal obligation. Fines of up to 10,000 euros also exist in Italy, in particular. “But there is no correlation between the implementation of restrictive measures and the decline in the curve of the epidemic. As proof, Italy, where only 158 fines for violation of the quarantine were issued this month, which is not huge ”, we remind Matignon, adding that the sanctions are not necessarily applied for material reasons.

Take the case of England which, after realizing that only 20% of symptomatic people respected isolation, opted for

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