Israel: Yair Lapid says he united voices to form a unity government

The validation of the government by the Israeli deputies would mean the end of the reign of Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister for 12 years.

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Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid called President Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday (June 2) to tell him that he had gathered the necessary support for the formation of a unity government that could end the reign of Benyamin Netanyahu in power for 12 years.

“This government will be at the service of all citizens of Israel including those who are not members of it, will respect those who oppose it, and will do everything in its power to unite the different components of Israeli society.”, said Yair Lapid to the president of Israel, according to a statement. And to add on his Facebook page: “I succeeded”, according to the formula consecrated in Hebrew.

The centrist politician had until 11:59 p.m. to notify the president that he had gathered these votes. He made the announcement after rallying right-wing parties and the Arab Israeli Raam party in the evening to support his future government. His team released an image of the coalition agreement signed by the leaders of eight Israeli parties, two from the left, two from the center, three from the right and one Arab, which could mark a turning point in the political history of the Jewish state. .

The last time that an Israeli Arab party supported, but did not participate in, a government dates back to 1992 during the “government of peace” by Yitzhak Rabin. This time the Islamist Arab formation Raam led by Mansour Abbas officially signed a coalition agreement without indicating at this stage whether it would participate actively in the government.

This future government, excluding the Likud from Benjamin Netanyahu, has yet to be the subject of a confidence vote by Parliament in principle within the next week. A little earlier in the day, Labor candidate Isaac Herzog was elected president ofIsrael by the deputies, a largely honorary position.

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