Issuance of the health pass: should we fear a new IT incident?

► What happened?

The Pro Santé Connect (PSC) system, which allows healthcare professionals to identify themselves on the platforms where data on vaccinations and Covid-19 screening tests are recorded, broke down on Friday, August 13 between 3:30 p.m. and the end of the evening. Consequently, the health passes of people vaccinated or tested could not be edited in the form of QR codes to be presented during checks.

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This IT incident mainly affected pharmacies. Unlike other healthcare professionals and medical biology laboratories, they have no alternatives to the PSC system to connect ” to the “Covid Vaccine” information systems for entering vaccine traceability, and “SI-DEP” for entering antigenic tests and supervised self-tests », Explains the Ministry of Health in a press release. The dysfunctions lasted Saturday August 14, before a return to normal at the end of the morning.

► How long will it take to absorb the consequences of this incident?

Hundreds of thousands of people appear to have been affected. According to the federation of pharmaceutical unions (FSPF), approximately 300,000 tests are carried out by pharmacists ” on busy days. “

On Friday and Saturday, vaccinations and screenings continued despite the incident. Health professionals have issued temporary certificates, signed or stamped by them, before retroactively entering the digital data. However, the consequences could be minimized. ” All the pharmacies have certainly already caught up and the people who have performed a test have received their health pass directly by SMS. They didn’t have to come back for it », Explains the president of the FSPF, Philippe Besset.

► Do we know the origin of this computer bug?

The Ministry of Health remains cautious about the origin of the failure. Investigations are still underway to determine all the causes of this incident. “, He said in a press release, Friday, August 13. The most likely hypothesis is an overload of computer servers, due to a very large number of connections on the eve of the Assumption weekend.

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Philippe Denry, vice-president of the FSPF, implicates “ the very important flows, in particular Friday afternoon, because of the crossover between departures on vacation for people who have to take trains, planes or other, and because of activities linked to the weekend. “

► Could such an incident happen again?

The government has not communicated on the measures taken to avoid another cut. According to the FSPF, changes were made to Pro Health Connect on Sunday evening, in order to increase the ” memory capacity ” of the system. This update was able to correct some flaws and should prevent a new failure in the event of high traffic. The operation was carried out at the cost of a further interruption of service. However, it was planned and it only lasted an hour.


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