It is dangerous to go out in the sun on an empty stomach, it can be harmful

Going Out In Sun On An Empty Stomach Can Be Dangerous: In summer, one should go out only when necessary, but still sometimes one has to step out of the house suddenly. In such a situation, sometimes we go out of the house in a hurry without eating anything. If you also do this then it is dangerous. Yes… do you know that there are many problems that can bother you by going out on an empty stomach. In such a situation, we will tell you here what are the disadvantages that you can have if you go out on an empty stomach and you need to be protected. So let’s know-

1- There may be a problem of low blood pressure

Going out in the sun on an empty stomach can lower your blood pressure. Well this is a common thing. Because our body does not get enough energy even after eating food, then by going out without eating food, the energy which is in the body also decreases and there is a possibility of lowering blood pressure.

2- There may be a problem of fainting and weakness

If you also go out of the house empty stomach, then you may also have weakness and fainting symptoms may also occur.

3- There may be a problem of heatstroke

Staying on an empty stomach for a long time in strong sunlight can make you feel hot, while in summer this happens because the body starts dehydrating due to strong sunlight, due to which the energy level of your body also starts falling rapidly in empty stomach. At the same time, do you know that many times vomiting and severe pain in the body also start due to heatstroke.

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