“It was aimed at my origin or my religion”: one of the victims of the knife attack near the Eiffel Tower denounces “a racist act”

It all started with an argument over a dog that was not on a leash. The two women accused of assaulting the other two were indicted. The Paris prosecutor’s office retained the racist nature of the attack.

The two women accused of stabbing two women on the Champ de Mars in Paris, Sunday, October 18, were indicted for willful racist violence. One was placed under judicial supervision, the other in pre-trial detention. It all started with an argument over their dog who was not on a leash, then the tone rose. The two victims denounce a racist attack.

Four days after the assault, 19-year-old Kenza still has a bandage around his head, a severe stomach ache and looks exhausted. On the evening of the assault, she walks with her family, five adults and four children, on the Champ de Mars. A dog, a pitbull according to her, then approaches the little ones. The two owners of the animal, two women in their twenties, arrive. They are alcoholic and the tone rises immediately, says Kenza: “One of the women approached my sister, who is veiled, and wanted to tear off her veil. So I intervened. At that time, they called us ‘dirty Arabs’. They were violent. “

She did not stop, she was relentless. His goal was to kill me.Kenza, 19

Kenza is injured in the head, stomach and arm. Her veiled cousin receives six stab wounds, one of which punctures the lung, she is still in the hospital. For Kenza, the racist nature of this assault is beyond doubt: “It is clearly a racist act for me, it is important to underline it because it was not a simple news item or a simple assault. It was aimed at my origin or my religion.”

The Paris prosecutor’s office has also retained the racist nature of the attack. Kenza and his lawyer are now asking that the facts be reclassified as attempted homicide.

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