Italy tobacconist steals € 500,000 winning scratch ticket

He was arrested at Rome-Fiumicino airport as he was about to fly to Spain.

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The thief will not fly away with his loot. An Italian tobacconist was arrested at Rome-Fiumicino airport as he was preparing to travel to Spain after stealing a customer a winning scratch ticket of 500,000 euros, police said on Monday 6 September. The man had been making the headlines in Italy for several days after running away last Thursday with the precious ticket belonging to a 70-year-old lady, who came to her tobacco shop in Naples to confirm his win.

According to investigators, after his package, the merchant went to the city of Latina, between Naples and Rome, in order to deposit the winning ticket in a bank and be able to cash it later when things calmed down.

The tobacconist was arrested by the border police at the Roman airport, in possession of a plane ticket to the Canaries. He then tried to turn the case in his favor by saying he wanted to file a complaint against a woman accusing him of stealing the scratch ticket, a statement said. However, the prosecution did not follow him and opened an investigation for aggravated theft, while his tobacconist’s license was suspended. Justice also ordered the seizure of the game card.

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