Jackie Shroff Birthday: When Jackie Shroff used to roam around with Salman Khan’s photo in his pocket

Jackie Shroff is celebrating his 64th birthday today on 1 February. Jackie Shroff has garnered a huge fan following on the basis of his acting as well as his behaviour. However, Jackie Shroff has to face a lot to reach here in the industry. Jackie lived in the chawl, where Ayesha of the noble family lived with them for a long time after marriage. Ayesha and Jackie Shroff’s love-story is like a film story. At the time when Jackie had become a superstar, Salman was trying to establish his foot in the industry.

Jackie Shroff himself narrated this story of meeting Ayesha in his interview. Then Ayesha was only 13 years old and was waiting for her school bus on the side of the road. On seeing Teenage Ayesha, Jackie was giving her heart at first sight. Ayesha is from a very wealthy family, but Jackie’s being from a simple family did not create a wall between them. Ayesha came home after meeting Jackie and clearly told her mother, ‘Today I met the man whom I will marry.’ In 1987, on Ayesha’s birthday, Jackie married her.

In an interview, Jackie had said, ‘Fakir all cannot become Bidu. Apun is a born fakir. I keep going to the chawl house, because I have lived there for many years. Even after becoming a hero, I have lived. I am waiting in line to go to the toilet, holding the box.

Jackie Shroff made his debut in the year 1982 with Dev Anand’s film ‘Swami Dada’. However, he got his real identity from Subhash Ghai’s film ‘Hero’. After that he became one of the big stars of the screen.

In the interview, Jackie also said, ‘My policy is that of Dev Saheb. Thinking ahead, what has passed, what to see of that past time! Looking back what will happen, I can bring the mother, I cannot bring it. So to keep going. Less family in mobile, more to see in Mushuka’s eyes.

Jackie once told that he had taken some pictures of Salman during his 1988 film ‘Falak’. He used to carry these pictures in his pocket and used to ask producers to cast them in films. He also told that at that time he had also approached many film producers to take Salman Khan in the films.

Jackie had said in the same interview that at that time he used to think that this kid (Salman) would definitely become a star one day. Jackie told that at one point of time Salman was a big fan of his and he loved Jackie’s jeans and boots.


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