Jagannath Yatra: Why is the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath taken out, what is the specialty

Jagannath Yatra: On the basis of mythology, many people believe that once Subhadra, sister of Shri Krishna, returns to her maternal home, expresses her desire to visit the city with her brothers Krishna and Balarama, then Krishna, accompanied by Balarama and Subhadra go to the city by chariot, Since then the Rath Yatra has been considered as the beginning.

Another legend is that the goddess Gundicha is the aunt of Shri Krishna located in the temple, she invites the three brothers and sisters to come to her house. In such a situation, 10 days have come to the aunt’s house along with Shri Krishna, Balaram and Subhadra.

The third legend is that Shri Krishna’s maternal uncle Kansa calls him Mathura. For this, Kansa sends a chariot along with the charioteer to Gokul. Krishna goes to Mathura with his brother and sister in a chariot, since then the Rath Yatra started. However, some people also believe that on this day Krishna killed Kansa and along with elder brother Balarama made a Rath Yatra to Mathura to give darshan to the subjects.

According to the fourth legend, the queens of Krishna ask Mata Rohini to recite Rasleela. Mother feels that Subhadra should not listen to Krishna’s Rasleela with the Gopis, so she sends him on a Rath Yatra with Krishna and Balarama. Then Naradji comes there and is happy to see the three together. Pray that all the three have such darshan every year. Since then all three have darshan.

Balarama-Subhadra jump into the sea with the dead body of Krishna
It is said that after the death of Shri Krishna, his body is brought to Dwarka, then Balram, being saddened by the death of brother, jumps into the sea along with Krishna’s body, Subhadra also jumps behind. During this, King Indradwimuna of Puri, east of India, dreams that Krishna’s body is floating in the sea, he should build a huge statue of Krishna here and build a temple. In the dream, the angels tell that Balarama, along with Krishna, make a wooden statue of Subhadra and the ashes of Shri Krishna should be pierced behind the statue.

Vishwakarma leaves behind an incomplete idol
The king’s dream comes true and Krishna’s ashes were found from the ocean. He was wondering who would make his statue. Every craftsman Vishwakarma comes as a carpenter but before work he warns everyone that they should not be harassed during the work, otherwise they will leave the work in the middle. Even after a few months, if the idol could not be made, then due to haste, King Indradvimuna opens the door of his room, Vishwakarma disappears as soon as this happens. The idol is not completed at that time, but the king installs the idol like this, he first places the ashes of Krishna behind the idol and makes it sit in the temple.

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