‘James Bond’ Sean Connery had a different style, see his old pictures

Hollywood actor Sir Sean Connery, who plays James Bond, has died at the age of 90. He played Bond in seven films. He was also awarded the Oscar as a supporting artist for the 1987 film ‘The Untouchables’. Let’s take a look at their old pictures … (Photos: AP / AFP)

A scene from the movie You Only Live Twice

In this photo taken on 26 September, Sir Sean Connery is being given a Japanese bath during a scene in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice. He has two actresses.

Sean Connery with actress Shirley Eaton

In this picture, taken on April 20, 1964, Sir Sean Connery is seen with Actress Shirley Eaton at Pinwood Studios near London.

Connery at the film Thunderball event

In this picture, Sir Sean Connery is present at the event for the film Thunderball.

Dance with french actress

This photo of Sir Sean Connery was taken on 7 March 1987. In which he is dancing with French actress Jane Maro during the 12th French Academy Caesar Awards.

Connery in parade for cancer victims

This picture of Sir Sean Connery clicked on 6 April 2002. In this, he is leading a parade. The purpose of this parade was to benefit cancer victims.

Sean Connery at the 18th Cannes Film Festival


In this photo taken on 20 May 1965, Sir Sean Connery was welcomed during the 18th Cannes Film Festival.


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