Janhvi Kapoor got a captivating photoshoot done for Hello magazine, the actress’s beautiful style in the video

Janhvi Kapoor has appeared as the cover star of Hello Magazine. She has done a lot of stunning photoshoot for this magazine. Janhvi has shared some glamorous pictures of her stunning photoshoot. Apart from this, Janhvi has also shared a video clip of this photoshoot, in which she looks very attractive.

Janhvi Kapoor has also posted these glimpses with her fans on Instagram. Janhvi has done this photoshoot for the magazine’s November issue, in which she is seen in her most beautiful style ever.

Hello Magazine has also posted many pictures of Janhvi on social media handle and in her praise – Charming, beautiful, funny, tremendously talented. He has many things in this magazine, about which his fans may not have known before. She was asked in this interview that if she had not been in acting career, what would she have done? To this Janhvi replied non-stop that she is not a poet at all.

Janhvi has done photoshoot for this magazine in many different ways. In some pictures from the photoshoot, Janhvi is seen with Manish Malhotra.

It’s not like Janhvi has done a photoshoot for Hello Magazine for the first time. Earlier in February 2019, Janhvi had done a great photoshoot for this magazine.


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