Jasmine Bhasin is holidaying in Dubai with Ali Goni, ‘Bavre’ fans watching pictures

These days Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni are spending a lot of quality time together. The two are often seen together. Sometimes Ali and Jasmine are seen together at a dinner party, sometimes celebrating the holiday.

Jasmine and Ali are currently in Dubai (Jasmin and Aly Dubai vacation) and are holidaying. He has shared beautiful pictures of his Dubai vacation on his Instagram account (Jasmin and Aly Instagram).

Instagram @ jasminbhasin2806

Fans became crazy, made beautiful comments
Fans have become crazy after seeing these pictures of Ali and Jasmine and are praising the couple. Ali and Jasmine enjoyed dining there, from Dubai safaris to savory food, and shared many moments on Insta Stories as well. One fan wrote, ‘Since when was this picture waiting. Very beautiful couple. ‘ Another fan comment was, ‘They set both of them on fire. Proved that the fruit of patience is sweet. ‘

jasly comnts

Ishaar-e-Ishq in ‘Bigg Boss 14’
Jasmine and Ali expressed their love for each other in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Although both were best friends for many years, at the house of Bigg Boss, Ali and Jasmine realized that they both love each other. Jasmine and Ali grew closer after the show ended.

Instagram @ jasminbhasin2806

Instagram @ jasminbhasin2806

Jasmine and Ali not ready for marriage right now
Fans are now eagerly awaiting the wedding of Ali Goni and Jasmine. At the same time, this cute couple is in no hurry to get married. In an interview to our colleague Times of India recently, Jasmine said, ‘Ali and I are different and very strong human beings and we do not want to complicate our relationship by thinking about marriage. We are happy just like we are now. Do not want to think about marriage at this stage. This is the new phase of our life, which is very beautiful. We both want to enjoy it wholeheartedly. ‘

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