Jean-Michel Blanquer ensures that the controversy around the union “Avenir lycéen” is “a business from nothing”

Splashed by accusations of instrumentalization hanging over the union “Avenir lycéen”, the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer reacted on RTL, Sunday, November 22, affirming that “Liberation and Mediapart are trying to make a deal out of nothing”.

Mediapart surveys (for subscribers) and of Release (for subscribers) on this pro-government organization pushed the deputies France rebellious and several Communists to demand a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the link between the union and the “executive power”.

“Why not a commission of inquiry, that can be interesting”, declared Jean-Michel Blanquer ensuring that “if anyone takes a close look at what is said in these articles, there is really a lot of sauce and little rabbit”.

“You just have high school kids who, perhaps, unexpectedly spent the money they had. I immediately demanded that there be an investigation, period.”, said the Minister of Education.

Asked whether his ministry could have “remote control” this union, Jean-Michel Blanquer retorts: “Of course not”, accusing LFI of trying “for years to have an influence on the high school environment, on the student environment (…) it is really the pyromaniac firefighter”.

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