Jean-Michel Blanquer’s back-to-school plan criticized

In middle and high school, if a case of Covid is confirmed, only vaccinated students will be able to stay in class.

“It is our compass to keep the entire school system open.” The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, unveiled on Franceinfo on Wednesday the health protocol planned for the start of the school year. The health pass will not be necessary in the school context: the government is instead relying on a strong “incentive” for the vaccination of over 12s. In middle school and high school, in the event of a confirmed Covid-19 contamination, only unvaccinated students will have to follow the courses remotely, for 7 days. The vaccinated will continue the face-to-face lessons. Primary classes will be closed from the first confirmed case.

Posted on Wednesday on the ministry’s website, the health protocol provides for four scenarios – green, yellow, orange and red. The measures relating to the reception doctrine, to physical and sporting activities, to the wearing of the mask indoors and outdoors, to the rules of physical distancing, or even to the limitation of the mixing of students, will thus be proportionally adapted to the evolution. of the epidemic. For now, the yellow or orange levels are the most likely to be applied in September, believes Jean-Michel Blanquer.

“When do we go from one scenario to another and who makes that decision?”, asks Jean-Rémi Girard, president of the National Union of high schools, colleges, schools and higher (Snalc). The issue of pupil vaccination will not be logistically simple, he said, because teachers and school directors will not have access to pupils’ vaccination status. “Who will have the information and indicate that such and such a student stays at home or not?”

Organizing a two-tier school does not seem to me the best way to respond to the cognitive, psychic and physical conditions that students have been suffering from for two years.

Rodrigo Arenas, spokesperson for the Federation of Parents’ Councils (FCPE).

“The families will have to apprehend the documents and we will have to play down all that”, estimates Olivier Toutain, national president of the federation of parents of public education students (PEEP). What about 6 studentse who are not yet 12 years old? According to him, the Peep will be very attentive to the management of the distance in order to guarantee equity between vaccinated and unvaccinated students. “Organizing a two-tier school does not seem to me the best way to respond to the cognitive, psychic and physical conditions that the students have been suffering from for two years”, considers Rodrigo Arenas, spokesperson for the Federation of Parents’ Councils (FCPE). He also criticizes the government for placing the responsibility for immunizing children on parents. “We are told ‘people just have to get vaccinated’. If things go wrong, who do we turn to? Who is responsible? Today it is the parents ”.

The health protocol seems “Totally disconnected from reality and out of step with the needs of establishments”, considers Claire Guéville, national secretary of the National Union of Secondary Education (SNESFSU). She regrets that the possibility of forming small groups – requiring staff training, increasing resources and recruiting – and ventilation of classrooms – using CO sensors2 and air purifiers – are not mentioned in the sanitary protocol. “I find it hard to see how the Blanquer version continuous control can be done in such conditions. It’s extremely anxiety-provoking for everyone. ”


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