Jean-Pierre Grédy, great figure of boulevard theater, died at 101

Jean-Pierre Grédy, playwright who for decades formed a successful boulevard theater tandem with Pierre Barillet, who died in 2019, died at the age of 101, his relatives announced on Monday February 7. columns of Figaro. “His last thoughts will have been for his family and friends who have given him a good life”, they write. His funeral “took place as he wished in the strictest family intimacy”, they continue. The date of death was not indicated.

Son of an import-export professional, Jean-Pierre Grédy was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on August 16, 1920. A pupil in a Jesuit college, he obtained a degree in literature and law. He began his career in the cinema, where he wrote film scripts. At the end of the 1940s, an encounter would change his life, that of Pierre Barillet. From 1948, they write vaudeville Adele’s Gift, which will exceed one thousand performances and receives the Tristan-Bernard prize. Thanks to this success, Grédy abandons the cinema, in favor of the theater.

Together, Grédy and Barillet will become an emblematic duo of boulevard theater, made popular thanks to television, and will sign around thirty plays, some of which have been translated abroad.

Portrait and interview of the two authors in the program Today life on Antenna 2, in 1983

their room Forty carats (1965) was played on Broadway, by Julie Harris on stage and then by Liv Ullmann in a film adaptation. As for Cactus flower (1964), it was adapted to Broadway with Lauren Bacall, then to the cinema with Ingrid Bergman. In 2010, François Ozon adapted Vase by entrusting Catherine Deneuve with the role previously created by Jacqueline Maillan.

Jean-Pierre Grédy also led a solo career, writing ballets and song lyrics.

In 2016, the Barillet-Grédy duo was honored with a report for the show Free entry (France 5) on the occasion of the recovery of the room Cow skin in a staging by Michel Fau, with Chantal Ladesou:

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