Jerusalem gun attack: one dead, three wounded

Immediately after the attack, many police officers were deployed in the Old City.

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Gunshots and screams. One person was killed and three injured in a gun attack on Sunday (November 21) in the Old City of Jerusalem, according to Israeli authorities.

“At around 9 a.m. local time, an armed terrorist opened fire in the Old City of Jerusalem. Two civilians were seriously injured and two policemen were slightly injured.”, police reported. Immediately after the attack, large numbers of police were deployed to the Old Town, where the assailant’s body remained inert on the ground for a long time.

Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital later reported that a 30-year-old died of his injuries. The Israeli police said that the assailant, “neutralized” by the police, was dead. The authorities did not immediately specify the identity of the victims and the assailant.

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