“Joe Biden, an American destiny”, a long way to the White House

In 2019, when the race for the Democratic primary began, Joe Biden’s campaign faltered and few columnists bet on the victory of the 77-year-old politician – whose third presidential candidacy in one half a century. “ He was considered finished, overwhelmed. He was no longer as eloquent as thirty years earlier and he carried around a very heavy liability, some of which dated back to the 1970s. », Says Mark Leibovich, journalist at New York Times Magazine, from the first minutes of the documentary.

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Two years later, however, here he is at the helm of the White House, after an incredible turnaround with which Joe Biden’s checkered career is familiar. Broadcast on the day of his inauguration, the film by Michael Kirk and Mike Wiser analyzes how this presidential dream guided his entire journey. Nourished by comments from political journalists and testimonies from those close to him, this laudatory portrait emphasizes the remarkable tenacity that Joe Biden has shown throughout his life.

Political embodiment of resilience

His combativeness and his strength of character are rooted in his childhood and his long struggle against stuttering which handicapped him until high school. His private life was then marked by tragedies: the death of his first wife and their granddaughter in a road accident in 1972, the death of his son from cancer …

His natural empathy and his ability to develop an intimate relationship with his constituents were, as much as his positioning at the center of the political spectrum and his links with the black community, weighty assets in a presidential campaign marked by the pandemic and the tensions. racial. They will undoubtedly help him to reconcile an America more fractured than ever.

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