John le Carré, British writer famous for his spy novels like “The Spy Who Came from the Cold”, died at the age of 89

He was world famous for his spy novels, The mole at The spy who came from the cold Passing by The gardener’s constancy or The Panama Tailor. British novelist John le Carré died at the age of 89, his agent announced on social networks on Sunday, December 13. It is with great sadness that I have to announce that David Cornwell, known to the world as John le Carré, passed away after a short illness (unrelated to Covid-19) in Cornwall on Saturday evening, December 12, 2020 He was 89 years old. Our hearts go out to his four sons, their families and his dear wife, Jane “writes Jonny Geller, CEO of the Curtis Brown Group, a London-based arts agency.

John Le Carré really did work for the British Secret Service while studying German in Switzerland in the aftermath of World War II. Years of sending his agents on a mission across the Iron Curtain from an MI5 office. Without any claim to fame from it: “I’m just a writer who was, briefly, a spy. “

It was in the 1960s that he began to publish spy novels. The consecration will come a few years later with the triumphant reception reserved for his third work, The spy who came from the cold. The master of the genre, Graham Greene will salute “the best spy story I have ever read”. Other world famous stories will follow, such as The mole (recently adapted for cinema) which features its recurring hero, Agent George Smiley.

The end of the cold war, his main business, has not dried up his imagination, and his books will deal after the fall of the wall of arms trafficking (The Night Director), pharmaceutical laboratories (The gardener’s constancy) or terrorism (Absolute friendship).

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