Kajal Aggarwal changed her name, told- how does she like to be called Mrs. Kichlu

Recently, the marriage of actress Kajal Aggarwal was in the news. Kajal Aggarwal married her long time boyfriend and businessman Gautam Kichlu in Mumbai on 30 October. Now the name of Kajal is being discussed, which has been changed. Let us know that on November 7, a few days after the wedding, Kajal became active on Instagram and shared a picture of her new passport cover on Insta Story and said that she will go on a honeymoon. The name of Kajal written on this passport is new. Now Kajal has changed his surname from Aggarwal to Kichlu. His name is now written on the passport as ‘Kajal Kichlu’. Two passports are visible in these pictures, one of which has the cover of Gautam Kichlu and the other has Kajal Kichlu written on it. Kajal Aggarwal also said in an interview, ‘I am being called Mrs. Kichlu. However, I like to be called this. This is a new phase in my life and I am still getting used to it. ‘ Kajal is currently on a honeymoon in the Maldives. Kajal has shared many pictures of this honeymoon, in which she is seen posing with her husband at the beautiful location of the hotel in the sea.


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