Kangana Ranaut asked Diljeet how come? Singer gave a funny answer

On Friday targeted Priyanka Chopra and with her Twitter handle. The reason for this was that both are in support of the agitating farmers. In many of his tweets, Kangana hashtag, Diljit Kitteh aa (where is Diljit?) Now Diljit has given a funny reply to Kangana.

Kangna asked where are Diljeet
Kangana wrote, After shifting 12 hours in Hyderabad, she came to attend the charity event in Chennai this evening. What do I look like in Yellow? Also, how did Diljeet come? Everyone is looking for them on Twitter.

Kangana told herself, mother of all fathers
In another tweet, he wrote, I am again saying that I was right, if I had thought that it would have been in the Matter Court, I would have won the office. So from the next time the Chillar Party, remember me that I am the mother of all the fathers, before abusing, harassing, mocking or targeting. #Diljit_Kitthe_aa

Diljit gave a funny answer
After Kangana’s tweets, everyone was waiting for Diljit’s reply. It took him a while but gave a funny answer. Diljit wrote, got up in the morning and went to the gym, then worked all day, now I am going to sleep, read this my schedule. Hashtags are given – my schedule, aaja, aaja.


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