Kangana Ranaut said to her opponents – I will live your life

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is in the news due to her statements on social media, has once again hit the headlines with one of her tweets. A day earlier, Kangana had criticized Saif Ali Khan and director Ali Abbas Zafar for the ‘Tandava’ web series. After this, Kangana had made another tweet, which was described as objectionable and many people had reported to Twitter that it was ‘promoting violence’. However, this tweet was later deleted. Now Kangana has made another tweet and has threatened the Liberals, saying that I will live my life with you.

Kangana’s claim – Twitter account banned for some time
Kangana has claimed in a new tweet that Twitter had allegedly banned her account for some time. Kangna has also tagged the CEO of the tweet, Jack Dorsey, in this tweet. Kangana wrote, ‘The Liberals cried in front of their uncle Jack Dorsi and my account was banned for some time. They are threatening me My account / My virtual identity can be martyred for the country at any time, but my Reloaded Desh Bhakta version will once again appear through my films. I will make you live my life.

What did Kangana tweet
Kangana wrote in response to a tweet discussing ‘Tandava’, ‘Because Lord Krishna also forgave Shishupala’s 99 mistakes … First peace then revolution … Time to behead them It has come … Jai Shree Krishna. ‘ Kangana’s tweet was reported by many people on Twitter. Later this tweet was also deleted by Kangana Ranaut. See, screenshot of Kangana’s tweet

Kangna’s deleted tweet


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