Kangana Ranaut told Gandhi ji ‘wrong’

Kangana Ranaut is being trolled badly on Twitter once again. On Friday, Kangana Ranaut has tweeted about Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and the heated up in the royal family. Kangana has supported Queen with an interview of Meghan Markle. The special thing is that while replying to a user in this Kiddi, he referred to Mahatma Gandhi and said that Gandhiji was also a bad father, he also removed his wife many times from the house. But the world will not say anything to him, because he was a man.

Kangana said- I do not watch such interviews

Kangana Ranaut made two tweets on Friday. Kangana wrote, ‘For the past few days, people gossiped after hearing a one-sided story on a family, judged a lot, threw online mud too. I have never seen that interview, because things like mother-in-law and conspiracy do not excite me. ‘

‘Queen’ is highly praised

Kangana further wrote in her tweets, ‘I just want to say that she is the only female ruler left on the whole globe. She may not be a perfect MIL / wife / sister, but she is a great queen. He carried forward his father’s dream, saving the royal crown better than any son. We cannot play the role of life with perfection, even if we are enough for it. That queen saved the crown. Let her retire like a queen. ‘

Kangana said – Gandhiji was a man, so everyone forgiven

Kangana also referred to Mahatma Gandhi while replying to a user on her tweets. Kangana wrote, ‘Mahatma Gandhi was accused of being a bad father by his own children. There are many mentions that he used to push his wife out of the house when she refused to clean the house toilet. He was a great leader who could not be a great husband. But the world is forgiving him because he was a man.

Megan has made serious allegations against the royal family
Kangana’s tweet is on the talk of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfree. In her interview, Megan Markle has made several serious allegations against the royal family. Megan has claimed that the royal family did not want her to be the daughter-in-law of the royal family. He even went so far as to say that the people of the royal family were worried that he and Prince’s child would be born black.

… and then Kangana Ranaut trolled badly

However, she is being trolled once again on social media after Kangana Ranaut’s latest tweets. Some are advising them to keep their business, while others are crossing Kangana as a witch. Another has written that why fake love is so much from the British, even today, they consider them as owners.


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