Kanye West started dating Irina Sheik, forgetting Kim, ‘Love Is In The Air’

The romance between rapper Kanye West and actress-model Irina Shayk has intensified. Recently they were seen together in Provence, France. Both are living together in a luxury villa. Some pictures of ‘Naya Jodi’ have come out, you can also see …

Kim tries to save marriage

Kanye and Kim Kardashian are going to divorce, which has been discussed for many days. Kim has said that she tried a lot to save her marriage but nothing came from Kanye’s side. Meanwhile, new pictures of the rapper are telling a different story.

News started coming out from last month

News of Kanye and Irina’s romance has started pouring in since last month. It is being claimed that he is quietly dating Bradley Cooper’s ex-wife Irina. Bradley and Irina also have a daughter.

Kanye and Irina seen having fun

In the latest pictures, Kanye and the Russian supermodel are seen having fun at the beautiful place.

stopped to take pictures

Kanye also stops Irina to take pictures during this time. Both are looking quite comfortable together.

Kanye’s favorite destination is France

Let me tell you, France is one of Kanye’s favorite destinations. He also often spent a lot of time here with Kim. He also came here on the first date with Kim in 2012.

Irina and Bradley came closer in 2015


At the same time, Irina and Bradley saw each other in 2015 and soon they got into a relationship. Two years later, the couple welcomed their daughter.

Irina was also with Cristiano Ronaldo

Irina and Bradley parted ways in 2019. Before Bradley Cooper, Irina was in a relationship with the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.


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