Kapil Sharma made a promise to a fan struggling with kidney disease, winning hearts

We are all familiar with the generosity of Kapil Sharma, the world famous TV Commander. He is a good comedian, as well as a great human being. Kapil has now made a promise to one of his fans, knowing that you will also praise him. This fan of Kapil is admitted to hospital and is suffering from kidney disease.

Kapil wrote on Twitter – see you soon

Kapil Sharma has recently prayed for his fan’s safety on Twitter. This fan of Kapil is named Deepak and he is just 19 years old. Deepak is admitted to the hospital due to kidney problems. When Kapil got the news about this fan on Twitter, he immediately responded. Kapil wrote, ‘Get well soon. God bless you Let me also recover from my injury, we will meet soon. ‘

Kapil Sharma was seen on the wheelchair
For information, let us know that in the past, Kapil Sharma was seen on a wheelchair at Mumbai Airport. It is said that Kapil has suffered a back injury while exercising in the gym. For this reason, the doctor has advised him to rest for the moment.

Good news for Kapil Sharma’s fans, the comedian himself told why he came on the wheelchair
Kapil Sharma in preparation for digital debut
Talking about the workfront, Kapil is currently involved in digital debut in addition to his comedy shows. He will soon be bringing a show of his own on the OTT platform. Kapil is spending time with his younger son and family these days. Kapil and Ginni have recently become parents for the second time. Sovereign has given birth to a son.


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