Karisma also did photoshoot with Kareena Kapoor in Baby Bump, sisters posed in the balcony of the house

Photos of Kareena Kapoor and Karishma’s balcony photoshoot have surfaced. In these pictures, Kareena and her sister Karisma Kapoor are also seen posing. Kareena and Karisma have also shared a boomerang video of this shoot on their Instagram.

Kareena Kapoor did a photoshoot in the balcony of the house

Some pictures of Kareena Kapoor’s photoshoot are going viral on social media. Karisma Kapoor is also seen with him in these pictures.

This photoshoot is done at his own home

Kareena has done this photoshoot with her sister Karishma at her own home. These pictures of Kareena’s balcony are currently in the discussion, in which both sisters are seen giving lots of poses.

Both look very proud

During this photoshoot, Kareena and Karisma have given a few poses with the jacket as well, in which both of them are quite gorgeous.

Kareena’s baby bump is clearly visible

In these pictures, Kareena’s baby bump in white tshirt is clearly visible.

Fans gave good news on social media

Recently, Kareena and Saif have informed their fans on social media about the arrival of a new guest at their home.

Kareena shares her boomerang video

Kareena Kapoor has shared her boomerang video on social media. In this video, pregnant Kareena is sitting on a chair and her baby bump is seen flaunting. Karisma Kapoor is also seen with him.

Kareena was seen flaunting the baby bump

These pictures are very much discussed on internet

In these pictures, Kareena and Karisma are seen posing differently in front of the camera. These pictures of both sisters are quite discussed on the internet.

Karisma Kapoor shared the video

The Boomerang video has also been shared by Karisma Kapoor on her Instagram. Sharing it, he wrote, ‘Working with sister is always the best’. While sharing this video, he hashtags like #sistersquad #behindthescenes.


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