Kark Sankranti 2022: Do this work on Kark Sankranti, ancestors will get blessings, troubles will go away

Kark Sankranti 2022: According to the Panchang, Lord Surya turns from Uttarayan to Dakshinayan in Kark Sankranti 2022. Due to which the nights become longer and the days become shorter. This is a natural astronomical phenomenon. Which keeps changing after every 6 months. Makar Sankranti 2022 and Karka Sankranti are special among the Sankrantis of Lord Sun.

The seasons change in both these Sankrantis. From Makar Sankranti, the days become longer and the nights shorter. While the nights start getting longer and the days shorter due to Cancer Sankranti. This year in 2022, Karka Sankranti will fall on Sunday, the 17th day.

Cancer solstice of influence ,Kark Sankranti effect

Monsoon arrives at the time of Kark Sankranti 2022. When Sun starts traveling from Uttarayan to Dakshinayan. Then there is a change in the weather. It is believed that the effect of negative forces increases at this time. At this time the night of the deities begins. Therefore, no auspicious work is done. In such times, special attention is given to worship.

Cancer solstice In Sure do This Work

Devshayani Ekadashi occurs before Karka Sankranti. Chaturmas begins. Due to which all Manglik work gets banned. At this time, negative forces prevail. Therefore, on the day of Karka Sankranti, Pind Daan is done to please the ancestors. Worship is done for their peace. By which the blessings of the ancestors are obtained. Our mental and physical sufferings go away.

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