Kavita Kaushik, furious at Sonu Sood’s fans, said- fools, people are dying and you are wasting milk

In the Corona period, Sonu Sood has emerged as the Messiah for the common people. From arranging migrants home last year to forced corona victims this year, they are making arrangements ranging from oxygen cylinders to medicines and hospital beds. This is why some fans in Andhra Pradesh have bathed Sonu Sood’s photo with milk (Fans Pouring Milk). When the video surfaced, Sonu Sood also joined hands in front of the fans. But ‘Bigg Boss’ fame TV actress Kavita Kaushik (Kavita Kaushik) has been infuriated by this. He not only classed Sonu Sood’s fans, but also described them as ‘fools’.

Kavita said – Sonu Sood will not be happy with this.
Kavita Kaushik’s anger is over milk wastage. He says that at a time when people are not getting two-day bread to eat, it is foolish to waste milk like this. Kavita also said in her tweet that even Sonu Sood would not have been very happy with this work. Kavita has also described this act of fans as insensitive.

‘The country will remain indebted to the works of Sonu Sood’
In her tweet, Kavita Kaushik writes, ‘We love Sonu Sood and this nation will always be indebted to him for his selfless work, but I am sure at a time when people are starving, Sonu Sood is also going to waste milk Would be unhappy with this silly and insipid work … why do we always do so much extra (extra) in everything ?? !! ‘

Sonu Sood joined hands with humility

However, on the other hand when Sonu Sood was eyeing this video, he joined hands with ‘Humility’, retweeting it.

People demanded Sonu Sood to become PM
In the recent past, due to the good work of Sonu Sood and the government’s failure in the field of health, people had also advised the actor to contest for the post of Prime Minister. At that time Sonu Sood had said, “We, the common man, are better brother, the common man is better.”

Fans of Sonu Sood’s generosity were convinced, offering milk on the poster of the actor and said – Thank you!
Sonu Sood appealed to the Chief Minister of Karnataka
While Sonu Sood is helping the victims of Kovid-19, on the other hand, he had also asked the Chief Minister of Karnataka to help those stranded in the Arabian Sea due to the Toute storm.

Sonu Sood did this tweet ‘100 crore wala’ at midnight, users are heartbroken


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