Keep mango in the fridge or not, know how to store it

Food Facts: With the arrival of summer season, mangoes come out in the markets. People who are fond of eating mango wait for this season throughout the year. In such a situation, a lot of mangoes are eaten in almost everyone’s homes. Some people buy mangoes in large quantities, after which they store them in the fridge. At the same time, some people keep mangoes outside thinking that the mangoes will be cooked more well due to heat. In such a situation, there is a confusion in the minds of many people that where would it be right to keep mangoes in the fridge or outside the fridge.

Keep mangoes out of the fridge- According to a report, it is good to keep mangoes and other pulpy fruits at room temperature. If you keep mango at normal temperature from the fridge, then the anti-oxidants present in it remain active and it brings many benefits to health. Experts believe that apart from mango   other tropical fruits should also not be kept in the fridge. These fruits are sensitive to cold.

How to store mango?   

1- If you have raw mangoes then never keep them in the fridge. Keeping them in the fridge will not cook them well and the taste will also be affected. 
2- Mango should always be cooked at room temperature. This will keep the mango more sweet and soft. 
3- When the mango is fully ripe, you can keep it in the fridge to cool down for a while before eating it.
4- You can use ripe mango Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. 
5- If you want to cook mango quickly, then put it in a paper bag at room temperature. With this the mangoes will be cooked quickly. 
6- If you want to store mangoes, then peel, cut and keep them in an airtight container. You can store them in the freezer for up to 6 months. 
7- Sometimes when there is no space in the fridge, mangoes are kept with other fruits and vegetables, which is wrong. 
8 – Keeping mango with other fruits and vegetables also makes a difference in taste. 

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