Keeping electrical items under the bed worsens the health of the sleeper, how should the bed be? Any

Vastu Tips: Bed i.e. bed has special importance in life. Two-thirds of life is often spent in the bedroom. Special attention has also been given to the duration and state of sleep in Yoga Shastra. Awakened, Swapna, Sushupti and Turiya, these four states have been described, so sleep is the most important part of life, almost half of a person’s life is spent in sleep. The bed and the man’s bodice support the armpit.

The bed is associated with man from birth to death. If you get good sleep then your health will also be good. Getting good sleep is a matter related to your bed. In Vastu texts, from the direction of sleeping to the bed has been represented in a very scientific way. One should sleep with his head towards South. In the olden days only wooden beds were used. In general, only the cot ie cot has been used. The improvised form of this was the throne. Only the royal family used to use furnished beds i.e. Khatola.

In Vastu texts, which wood should be used in the construction of the bed, what should be its size, how should one sleep on which bed? All these things are very important, but the changing era has reduced the architectural importance of the bed. These days iron beds are also available in the market. People have started taking more metal beds than wood, which is not scriptural. In earlier houses, cots and chests were separate, but as time changed, the space decreased, so now the box has come in the bed itself, that is, there have been storage beds. Now while taking sleep, the things kept in the box also indirectly started affecting the mind.

People made a place to keep shoes, slippers, even the unusable items of the present time. Keep electronic items etc. etc… utensils, electrical and electronic items, sharp things, impure things, food items etc. should not be kept. Doing so causes sudden and incurable diseases. In this, only the quilt mattress pillow.. The items used in the bed should be kept. In making Vastu beds, the use of wood from a tree aged from sixteen years to one hundred and fifty years is considered best, the age of rosewood wood is considered to be three hundred years. Acacia and tamarind wood are believed to be haunted by ghosts. By sleeping on a bed made of this wood, a person becomes afflicted by phantom-obstacles, mental disturbance, agitation, etc.

The beds that are there today are very nice to look at.. they are technical but the bed is simple and comfortable. Sofa-cum-bed has become a trend, but this is also not good. After coming to the bed, the person becomes very simple, he becomes innocent, but the changing bed is the opposite of such a state.

Combined bed has become a trend from house to house, it is not appropriate to have only one mattress on it. Earlier two separate beds were kept together, the same situation was fine. The wife should sleep on the left side; the householders should sleep with their head towards the south. Students facing east. In households, only those who wake up before sunrise can sleep with their heads in the east. These days most of the people buy from the market. While buying, keep in mind that do not take metal, try and buy a wooden bed. Do not take the wrong bed in the greed of attractive offers, because it is related to your life.

If you are getting it built with a carpenter, then which wood should be made. Well, beds made of Teak, Arjun, Deodar, Ashok, Mahua and Mango wood are beneficial. The use of sandalwood for the bed is also considered appropriate in the texts of South India, while in the texts of other regions, sandalwood beds and padukas are said to be taboo. The use of Banyan, Gular, Neem, Kaitha, Champak, Ghav, Shirish, Kovidar etc. is strictly prohibited inside the house. They should never be used in making beds.

Nowadays, acacia wood is being used more in making furniture, because other woods are becoming very expensive. It has been said in the scriptures that negative energy resides in the wood of acacia and tamarind. By sleeping on a bed made of this wood, a person suffers from mental disturbance, agitation etc. Similarly, Peepal is called Vriksharaj in the flora, so its use for the bed is prohibited. In the scriptures, cutting or harming it is said to be an unforgivable crime.

While taking or getting the bed made, keep in mind that the bed should never be made round. Always make rectangular beds. It is auspicious to have a corner in the bed.

Regarding the measurement of the bed, there is a law that the length of the bed should be slightly more than the length of the sleeping person. Therefore, your feet should not go outside the bed.

Having glass in the bed is an important defect from the point of view of Vastu. If a person sees his reflection while sleeping, then it is a big Vastu defect, this condition weakens the life and gives rise to long-term diseases.

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