Kentaro Miura, author of famous manga “Berserk”, died at 54

Kentaro Miura, the mangaka author of the mythical manga Berserk, died at the age of 54, on May 6, 2021 in Japan. His death was officially announced Thursday, May 20. For over 30 years, he had his readers spellbound with his dark fantasy manga.

The announcement of his death was made by his editors in Young Animal magazine in Japan: “We are in deep sadness to learn of this sudden passing. We do not have the words to describe this difficult reality to accept. When he met us, he spoke of his favorite manga, anime, movies with a smile. never saw him angry … He was like an always happy teenager. Dear readers, dear partners, we invite you to imagine this radiant smile with us, so that he can rest in peace “.

Kentaro Miura was working on Berserk since October 1989. His manga has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. His work has been adapted for series, animated films and novels. In France, 40 volumes have already been published by Glénat editions and a collector’s box containing the first six is ​​available in bookstores.

Fans of Guts, a lone and overpowered warrior stalked by dark forces who seeks revenge on his former master, will never know the end of this cult work. In 2019, Kentaro Miura had expressed his fears of dying before the end of his series: “I pray that I will succeed in finishing it in my lifetime, he had declared. I take care of me. The main change is there. When I started the show, I was less concerned with its ending than telling a story that would end sooner or later anyway; but today when I realized that life is not eternal, it is by taking care of my health that I try to complete the series. “

The graphic inspirations of Kentaro Miura, whose very detailed and dark drawings are immediately recognizable, come from the world of Hieronymus Bosch and HR Giger, from the 19th century engravings, notably those of Gustave Doré but also from Anglo-Saxon cinema ( Alien, Hellraiser) or even European folklore (elves, trolls).

In 2002, he was distinguished for Berserk in the award of excellence category of the prestigious Japanese cultural award Osamu Tezuka. Kentaro Miura was considered to be an exceptional designer, with a keen sense of direction and design of characters and monsters.

His health problems forced him to change his rate of publication. The mangaka had gone from being a bi-weekly to a monthly, before taking even more time between each publication. In 30 years, he has never taken any leave.

On social networks, reactions and tributes have been numerous since the announcement of his death.

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