Key to success: Every parent should keep these things in mind, children become capable and obedient

Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi: The key to success says that it is the dream of every parent that their child should be worthy and full of values. But this may not be possible just by thinking. Scholars believe that parents should take care of their children in the same way as a gardener takes care of his garden and protects it from heat and cold etc.

The key to success says that parents should never be careless in the matter of children. Once a bad habit is formed, it is difficult to give it up. That’s why every parent should try that no wrong habit can enter their child. So these things should be kept in mind.

Explain the importance of discipline to the child The key to success says that the spirit of discipline should be inculcated in children from the very beginning. Parents who are successful in explaining the importance of discipline to their children, they stay away from miseries. The children of such parents achieve special success in life and also illuminate the name of the family.

Parents spend proper time with their children The key to success says that no matter how busy the parents are, they must try to spend proper time for their children. In doing so, there is no communication gap between the parents and the children. Even the strongest relationships start weakening due to lack of communication.

Inspire to speak the truth The key to success says that children should be motivated to speak the truth. For this, parents also have to take care of their conduct. Because children learn and understand more from their parents. Truth has been described as a superior quality in the Gita. The person who speaks the truth gets respect and respect.

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